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Never underestimate the power of your imagination! Get inspired!

In our creative educational services, we support personality development and strengthen the mental health, resilience and imagination of financially and socially disadvantaged people in order to create a peaceful future together.

Whether social and technical media competence, self-efficacy and resilience or measures for the peaceful coexistence of people of different origins. In our charitable offerings, we teach key skills to be able to survive successfully and healthily in the world of today and tomorrow. We explicitly promote the exchange of experiences and ideas between the participants.

Diversity & Inclusion 1: Arriving in society - migration

Migration has many faces and is as old as life - and mankind - itself. Whether through flight, curiosity, work (e.g. day labourers, expats, digital nomads) or love and family relationships; many people leave the countries in which they were born and live in different places, nations, continents in the course of their lives. However, the challenges of getting on well in the new society have remained.  

In this workshop series, people share their migration experiences and the help they received or would have liked. We publish the results and pass them on to state institutions, associations and companies so that they can take better care of people in migration in the future.  

Diversity & Inclusion 2: Emancipation of women & role models

In this series of workshops, we are devoting ourselves to the topic of the emancipation of women, which is unfortunately still important worldwide. We offer discussion rounds moderated by experts and teach skills to strengthen your own resilience, communication skills, vision building and project implementation. 

Here we get to know aspects of matrilineal cultures and how we can use them in our everyday lives. 

Diversity & Inclusion 3: Personal, Public & Mental Health

The topics of mental health, public health, damage to health through the exploitation of people and the environment as well as the big topic of trauma healing are on everyone's lips and almost everyone today probably knows the word "trigger". In this series we deal with the topic from a medical, psychological and cultural point of view and let people with their own experiences have their say. Together we develop ideas on how we can shape the future better for all of us in the field of health.

Diversity & Inclusion 4: Intergenerational coexistence - how can it be successful?

Demographic change not only affects migration, but also the relationship between generations and the way we live together as singles, couples and families. With and without children and old people. Germany and Europe are aging. The view of aging is changing rapidly. How can we learn from rather young societies like Ghana and other West African countries how to deal better with the social challenges of an aging society? Do we have to learn old values again or can we create new ones together that will benefit everyone?  

Outsourcing to young Asian and African companies has been counteracting the shortage of skilled workers for a long time. The handicraft is being promoted more and more. But how do we counter poverty in old age, loneliness and fears about the future of young people? 

In this workshop series, the participants learn from each other more about the family and social interactions of the other participants and develop concrete approaches on how we can improve the coexistence of the generations in our everyday lives. 

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