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Your journey through the worlds

Meeresblick Sardinien

"The Nectardoor" course to sharpen your perception

- Nora Engelbert


In the course of our lives we meet people.

Some special people are among them. Meeting them can turn our lives upside down.

Some inspire us a lot and develop a very special power in our lives.

We meet such people especially when traveling or when they are travelers themselves.

By traveling we also mean the search for our inner flow in life.

For us, these special situations and people are what we call the nectar door. A door, a gate, into another world, into a new space, a new time.

Entering this new space of time can be frightening and challenging in unexpected ways.

To go through the door and to overcome your inner hurdles, our "Bullshit-Box" is used, where you can let go of the ways of thinking and behaving that prevent you from moving on in life.

If we can connect with our inner resources and have the support of people with helpful personalities or other helpful resources that give us the confidence to move forward in life, then that door can lead us to amazing thriving fields.


"The Nectardoor" is an approach for individuals and groups in which we work with simple creative techniques such as painting, writing and conscious movement in nature  and your personal "bullshit box".

"The Nectardoor" helps young people in particular to identify the special people and situations in their lives, to consciously perceive them, to leave old ballast behind and to follow their own flow consciously and self-effectively.

Nectardoor Ansatz
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