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Applied Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology is the science of people.

Social and Cultural Anthropology examine how we humans live together in everyday life and how we relate (or not) to ourselves and others, our environment and the transcendent.

Applied Cultural Anthropology applies these research results in everyday life:

In the business world, in small and large interdisciplinary (transformation) projects, as well as in sports teams, social organizations, for individual self-encounter or for writing stories.

Together we discover new worlds and our own ways of living in them.

Research fields, theories, findings, fields of application:

From business anthropology to medical anthropology to AI, we are concerned with questions such as "What are human beings? What does it mean to be human? And what does good (human) life look like?"

Cultural anthropology finds therefore application in all areas of life. Here some examples:

Personality, team & organizational development,

Community & Company

Cognition, symbols, ritual research, 

Cosmology, industry and politics

M&A projects, Team & Business integration

Migration, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

education, language, literature, art, music, movement

Fight, War & Peace

Law, Morals & Ethics

Transformation & Change management

 Communication & Enabling

Mythology, fairy tale, storytelling, play

Culture as text, ethnography as hermeneutics

Health and sustainability in all areas of life - from nutrition to work to relationships, family and social media

Medical Anthropology & Public health and (elderly) care

Technology, AI, Robotics,


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