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Your journey through the worlds


MapsTell communication and behavior training

- with Nora Engelbert


You want to get to know new communication training tools for you, your class, sports team or even your company in order to communicate better and shape the future together?

Then take a look at our wide range of offers around MapsTell below.

Your journey through the world of differences can start with us at any time.

We wish you a lot of fun with themshortVideo:

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Target groups

For young people

MapsTell helps you get along better with the people in your life.

Here you will get to know yourself, your needs and how to deal with stress in a playful and clear way. The most important message: The world is diverse, you are diverse and we are all unique.  Behavior can be learned and we can change our behavior...

For companies, teams and groups

Maps Tell significantly increases the communication skills of your team and your department after just 4 hours of training, which you will also have a lot of fun with...

For people who are looking for connection

With our creative consulting offers and also the MapsTell tool, we enable refugees and migrants in Germany to travel safely through the world of human differences...

For individual people

Would you like to get to know yourself and your behavior better and identify your development potential?

Would you like to develop goals and create a travel route to achieve them? Then you are right with us...

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