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Who we are:

All of us who are involved in igdra space have years/decades of practical experience in global IT and business transformation projects, in the health sector, in the cultural and environmental protection sector and in different culture sectors on all continents.

With our different personal, social and professional backgrounds and contexts, we are also committed to cultural change worldwide.

We can learn a lot from other people of all epochs and time spaces.

Kulturelemente aus verschiedenen Weltregionen

What we do:

We convey the value of applied social and cultural anthropology for personal, social and organizational transformation processes and support social and cultural projects.

Symbole für Weltfrieden

Why we do it:

Contributing to a positive culture change worldwide and creating healthy relationships for each other and our environment is important to us.

This is also the way by which we all go well through that 21st century shaped by huge changes.

Especially in change management and transformation processes, the acquired understanding for and of cultures and the learned methodical immersion in different perspectives, as offered by cultural anthropology, provide a key advantage.

So we advocate thinking about social and cultural anthropology and change management in business and society together.

Menschen im Privaten und bei der Arbeit

With whom / for whom we do it:

​We are primarily aiming at social and cultural anthropologists from science and practice fields as well as all people interested in diversity of human life, cultural expressions, social change and cross-cultural connections.

Also leaders in organizations are welcome, who - eg. through our Podcast - recognize the potential of people with a degree in social and cultural anthropology and use it for their projects to open up new horizons in terms of cultural transformation management, expat management, opening new markets, innovating new products and forms of organizational design.

Podcast, Menschen, die kreative Gedanken teilen

How we do it:

In our podcast and blog we also present targeted social and cultural projects.

Interested parties can follow the progress here and contribute financially or actively.

An example is this Ha Giang Orphan Project in North Vietnam.

We also offer direct events, training, seminars, coaching and workshops for personal development, team and organizational development.

Creativity, painting, writing, critical thinking, discussion and co-creative togetherness, we are happy to offer and train all of this with you.

Blühender Kirschbaum


igdra space wants social and cultural anthropology as a central discipline for the cultural change in the 21st century establish to so


1.    a contribution to positive social interaction to achieve across cultures, continents, social classes, age groups, industries, worldviews and identities:

Promote a change of perspective and understanding of human behavior.

2. Supporting people in their personal developmentand get them to carry the insights and skills they have gained into their (professional) everyday life and set positive impulses there so that the (working) world can develop in a healthier way for people and the environment:

Strengthen self-confidence, appreciation, resilience and communication skills.

3. Low-threshold support made possible. Donations from companies and private individuals flow directly into projects close to their hearts. The money arrives without the majority of the donations seeping away in the bureaucratic superstructure. Practical support that makes things happen.

​​Cultures are changeable. Let's actively help shape cultural change to the positive!



As social beings, we humans depend on good and enriching relationships. Through good relationships with ourselves, our inner world and through practicing self-care, we can discover our potential and bring it into our communities and society.

This is the basis for building and maintaining positive relationships with our fellow human beings and other living beings and for creating a positive change in values and culture.

The world has not only been in a phase of strong transformation on all levels since the pandemic. This is perceived by most as a threat and plunges many people, industries and communities into crises of meaning and existence. At the same time, there is an enormous amount of untapped potential that can be used to deal with the various crises. 

Social and cultural anthropology knows how to leverage this potential and these treasures.

The igdra space is a place where people get to know themselves and others better and learn from each other, with each other and for each other in exchange with others.


Strengthening creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communicating with oneself and others, and interpreting and understanding human behavior are both the path, the means, and the goal of igdra space. 

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