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How we do this?

Together with you and via applied cultural anthropology.


We see applied cultural anthropology and its neighboring disciplines as key to transformation projects in the 21st and 22nd century.

The reason: cultural anthropology deals with what we are as human beings, how we as humans live and how we give meaning to our lives. Our diversity as individuals, groups and societies is celebrated.

Understanding our needs and considerin new perspectives on life and the way we want to live together opens up spaces of possibility. They are the sources of cultural change.


We rely on the experiences and knowledge of every single person from their respective realities of life.

We want to uncover this treasure together with you.

In workshops, courses and our podcast, we show you the topics we deal with and how you can use the findings and methods of cultural anthropology sensibly for yourself and your transformation projects.



Nora Engelbert



The igdra space is named after Yggdrasil [ˈʏkdʁazɪl], the tree of life from Celtic/Norse mythology. The tree that connects the worlds and represents the cosmos in its permanent transformation.

This fits in perfectly with social and cultural anthropology and

co-creatively working on cultural change.


we connect worlds

The igdra space is a place for creativity, education,

communication and collaboration. 

People come together here to learn from each other,

with each other and for each other.



I've known Nora since 2017. She helped me get settled quickly in Germany. Now she is helping me to pursue my own charitable projects. Her pragmatic approach and great empathy enable me to take quick steps towards success.

SAP Consultant

Tharun K.B.

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