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Boards that mean the world

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

A lot has happened this year. I dared to go live with igdra space and show myself transparently in social media comments, posts, blog articles and the podcast. To go on stage, which in the vernacular, are "the boards" that mean the world". And here in the blog and podcast I already offered some other people the space to show themselves anonymously or quite openly with their ideas and projects. A good start I would say. I learned a lot and found out through the exchange with people of all ages and different life experiences how and Iand igdra space can contribute to shape the world for the better together with others. For this, I was able to take myself out more and more and separate the private sector from the purely non-profit more clearly. I moved. igdra space is currently moving.

igdra space is now well on its way to becoming the platform in which the community can continue to educate itself naturally and healthily in the podcast and blog. Where initiators of social and cultural projects introduce themselves, people get involved and companies can implement their CSR strategy in a targeted manner in their respective heart projects. We have people on board who work for orphans of ethnic minorities in North Vietnam to provide them with food, clothing, medical treatment, education and a food base, to protect them from human trafficking and slavery and to give them the opportunity to engage with their inner worlds in the safest possible outside world.

We have children who stand up for the homeless in a northern German Hanseatic city and give free rein to their creativity. We have art educators and therapists who help people build healthy relationships with themselves and other people through art, music, and meditative physical exercises. We have experienced consultants and coaches and educators who have been working with children and adults for many years and strengthen emotional and social skills. And we have storytellers and cultural workers who are all too familiar with the creative power of imagination and language as a media that connects and shapes the future.

And together we also raise the special treasure of cultural anthropology. Here in the blog and in the podcast we will hear a lot from all of them.

And then we have me.

I have learned a lot from all these people and have found that I also have a special relationship with children and young people, that I want to use to learn from them and give them a space of psychological security in which they ask questions and learn to understand and express their own feelings. A special highlight this year was my week at the Richtsberg comprehensive school in Marburg. The teachers showed me how to build new tables for the students in the new school year.

And I once again enjoyed the energy that lies in the calm and meditative work with wood and my hands. A few students came to me and while we were working together, we talked and got to know each other. I love it very much when people open up to me. It is a sacred space that reveals itself and a wonderful opportunity to connect in this space. Especially one girl I could obviously help during that time. I talked about my life crises and what helped me through them and to move on; that it was learning in and through them that led me to be here and now in this place and to help her through my listening; to help others with igdra space to cope with strokes of fate or difficult situations. To hear in oneself whether acceptance, letting go or fighting and thereby creating something new, is the right way for them personally at this very moment, to go through the dark valley in life to the "nectar door" and to find his personal place and then the personal way for the onward journey.

In the end, we all felt better and were also able to show results that satisfied us. We had achieved something. Created something. Little in the world makes us happier and more satisfied. A friend from Hyderabad, India, once told me "the creation is with Brahma, the destruction with Shiva, but preserving things is the true art and this is Vishnu's way." Of course, I now know that Shiva (and Kali) only destroy in order to create something new, something good and healthy. How we used to with these boards for the school desks.

My time of destruction is now far behind me. It was important and necessary in order to create space for new, good, healthy things. Just like igdra space and these boards in the Richtsberg comprehensive school. As a result of the path of creation and preservation of the igdra space, these boards are for me "boards that mean the world."

A big thank you goes to all students and teachers at the RGS - I am looking forward to continuing to support your special path with the igdra space community.


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Bastian Schneider
Bastian Schneider
2022년 10월 24일

Loving the wood love!! 😍

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