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The logos are here!

Hey, our logo is here and in four copies!

True to the motto, "when you're faced with the question of an either or, the answer is often "both and" or, as I like to add, sometimes it's "neither nor". In the case of the logos, it became the "both as well." 😀

Samantha Maikranz, founder of PsychodragonArt, created a beautiful tree. Her motto, "The creative adult is a child who has survived," also fits to igdra space very well.

The original is the warm, yellow and red version. "The tree made me think of you, Nora. You radiate so much warmth and enthusiasm, and I wish that igdra space radiates from the inside out and grows bigger and bigger just like you and the tree" she told me when she submitted the design to me. And indeed, I find that the tree resembles a dancing and stretching human being, unfolding elegantly, dynamically and powerfully, welcoming the two words igdra and space protectively under its crown. This is exactly what we want to offer you in igdra space.

The roots grip firmly into the ground like legs and thus enable the tree to withstand the storms of time. Or, if you like, you can also discover a hoop skirt forming below the "hip".

In keeping with the dance interpretation, my dance teacher told me a few things the other day that confirm what I have experienced as positive in my own life over the past few years.

I started dancing Zouk this year, a dance that, like ForrĂł, which I learned last year, comes from Brazil and in which leadership does not depend on the gender of the dancers. Women can be leaders and followers, just like men. Everyone dances with everyone. Men with men, women with women and mixed. Perfect for our time, when the calls for changes in images of masculinity (and gender in general) are getting louder and louder. The special thing about Zouk for me is that the movements, similar to West African dances, are danced into the ground. Even with turns there is no striving upwards. The dancers ground themselves with each movement. This creates a very special kind of connection with the floor, the earth, with oneself and with the dance partner.

Dancing "into the ground", that is, being grounded in the earth, like the roots of the igdra space tree, is what my dance teacher reminded me of again the other day when he noticed that I was stumbling across the floor with one of the other dance students rather than dancing fluidly and smoothly. He saw me struggling as we never got into the rhythm of the music and the dance student wanted to explain to me that I was doing something wrong and needed to loosen up. My dance teacher relieved the dance partner, danced with me fluidly and calmly - in flow. And he whispered to me, "Nora, if something doesn't work out, it doesn't necessarily have to be your fault". This reconciled me once again with my past, in which I had phases in which I all too often tried - sometimes desperately or doggedly - to get the "knack" of successful communication, cooperation or simply relationships with people. Instead, looking back, the biggest lesson I had to learn was to let go, to let things be and not to doubt myself. To let go and, as my little nephew let himself fall from the steep staircase into my arms in the deepest primal trust a few years ago, to let myself fall again after all, and this time knowing I would be caught, just as I later caught my nephew.

And my dance instructor said something else: "Nora, you have much more time for the next step than you think."

So my dance teacher gave me a very nice gift and confirmed once again that I have been on the right path for several years, have a good sense of rhythm and body, need to practice again and again, as in zouk, and igdra space will certainly be a success and will be a safe space for personal development and growth for more and more people.

The other colors are in sync with the "water, sky, forest and meadow" color scheme of the website.

And with more restrained businesslike gray-black and black; depending on the occasion and context.

So, keep an eye out for the logo. You'll be seeing it more often now!😊

Best regards


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