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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Hello and a warm welcome at igdra space.

As is generally done, I would first like to say "thank you" to all the people who encouraged me to found the igdra space. I would like to thank everyone who inspired me with their way of being and their ideas and those who accompanied me a bit on my life path and actively supported the foundation. Special thanks go to all those who continue to support the igdra space with their expertise and commitment and keep it alive. I am really looking forward to all our joint projects, the people who use our offers and the events and formats that the contributors will offer here themselves. Curiosity, a thirst for adventure and a thirst for knowledge and the will to understand probably characterize me, Nora, in particular. So I'm excited to see what insights and experiences this journey and adventure has in store for all of us!

Learning from each other, with each other for each other or being you, becoming and reaching beyond. We want to make this possible in the igdra space.

At igdra space we are learning not so much for our own careers, but rather for our life together. Often people help us best through crises and new challenges, who themselves have successfully mastered one or the other life crisis and can convey what they have learned in a way that is helpful to us. At least that hass been the case with me so far. Through mastered profound personal crises and upheavals, I myself have found more and more the courage to offer my experiences and expertise I gained over the years to others and to build a platform in which other experienced, creative, solution-oriented people with a good heart, bright mind, inspiring ideas and a hands-on inner attitude can also contribute their part.

Out on the stage of (virtual) life

One or the other of my friends and acquaintances will certainly be relieved that I finally have my own non-profit company (in formation) including website and blog so I no longer bombard them with hundreds of pages of questions, ideas and insights via email, messenger services or in hours to days of discussions. No, now the time has finally come to go out and give others, you, a stage for their/your development or a retreat for inner contemplation, creative discoveries and conversations. A place where the old can be processed, understood and integrated and the new can emerge.

What you can expect from this blog in the upcoming weeks

In the first blog posts, we as team members of the igdra space, will introduce ourselves, our topics and projects a little closer and point out events or publications from the community. Over time, we want to encourage our customers and participants to share their ideas, creations and experiences from life and with the igdra space here. We wish all of you a lot of fun reading and hope to welcome you to the igdra space soon! Best wishes Your igdra space Team

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