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Make MapsTell part of your corporate culture and use the sustainable tool for cross-departmental communication. You will get to know your behavioral styles and those in your team in a simple, catchy and uncomplicated way. After the training, MapsTell is the ideal tool to reflect on and improve communication and behavioral styles in everyday work.


We will show you and your team how to identify and defuse your conflict potential. We enable your employees to recognize their needs more quickly and to express them in an appreciative, effective way.


In this way, you dare to take on more personal responsibility, which makes a healthier coexistence and mutual support possible for everyone.

With MapsTell® we uncover the interaction patterns of your team in a lively and dynamic way on a map. We travel together through the world of differences and achieve a deeper understanding of your employees for each other with reflection exercises and individual training.

Due to the significantly improved communication culture, tied (conflict) capacities become free resources!

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