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Felsen an Küste Sardiniens

Young People

Support young people to shape the future together in an emancipated and creative way

Young people face special challenges in their lives.

In addition to the search for their identity and their place in this world, they are encouraged worldwide to learn from older, more experienced people, to gain their own experience and to become responsible personalities who can successfully master the challenges of the future.

Never before have the demands on younger generations been so enormous, the crises of the world so intense and at the same time complex and interwoven, and the flood and speed of information so great as today.

We offer young people offers and exchange platforms in which they can recognize and strengthen their inner strengths and develop a good mix of self-efficacy and confident letting themselves drift.


igdra space signet - baum

We travel to committed young people, talk to them about what moves them and give them a platform in the blog and podcast

where they share their stories and dreams

and learn from each other, with and for each other.

We go into schools.

We work with young people

on their skills in

self-discovery, self-expression

and self-efficacy

We bring young people and their ideas together and support them in initiating and implementing their own projects for themselves and their community and society.

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