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Project Leads

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Founder & CEO

Contact person for all topics related to igdra space.

Responsible for the topics of cultural anthropology, change management, communication training and culture change.

MapsTell Guide.

podcast host.

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Amina Aminger

Psychological Counselor

Art and Creative Therapy Coach

Provides training and coaching for art and writing courses with a therapeutic approach

  • amina_flyingstone
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Armin Ziesemer

Coach for occupational health in the DACH region, podcast host,

Founder of the Swiss cultural initiative

Armin offers events related to storytelling and fairy tale work for private individuals, groups and companies.

Armin has his own podcast series in the igdra space.

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Douglas Johnston

Founder Hà Giang Orphan Project

In its own podcast series, Douglas provides information about its orphan support project in North Vietnam and how the support is progressing.

He is the contact person for donations and volunteer work in the Hà Giang Orphan Project.

  • The Ha Giang Orphan Project
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